The Sunshine Approach Foundation

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Formation of Sunshine Approach Foundation

Sunshine Approach Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity organization operating in Mozambique, Africa. Its purpose is to make a difference in the lives of the poor and orphaned by supporting and implementing projects that impact their standard of living. Funds to complete these projects are provided by donors and The Sunshine Nut Company, a cashew production company also located in Mozambique. The Sunshine Nut Company was founded on a focus towards “others” by employing adult orphans and committing 90% of its net proceeds to supporting agricultural development, caring for orphans and vulnerable children, and supporting new food processing companies that share the same vision. Don Larson, CEO and founder of Sunshine Nut Company, and his wife, Terri Larson, formed The Sunshine Approach Foundation. Terri is the Executive Director and President of The Sunshine Approach Foundation. The Larsons have lived in Mozambique since 2011 and directly oversee the foundation’s activities.

The Sunshine Approach Foundation and the Sunshine Nut Company are both dedicated to helping those in need…in a way that lifts them out of poverty to lives transformed with purpose and dignity. Sunshine Nut Company has committed to giving 60% of its profits to The Sunshine Approach Foundation to further its purposes. Our work as a foundation focuses on providing for the basic needs of people- medical care, education, hygiene, food, clean water, clothing, etc. The foundation partners with other well-known and established non-profits that share the same vision. This collaboration creates a stronger platform to achieve shared goals. Additionally, the foundation implements new projects in unmet areas of need. The foundation is also partnering with for-profit companies to accept funds and materials. We invite you to join us in our mission, whether you are an individual or represent a company, by donating funds or purchasing Sunshine Nut Company products (available in South Africa and in major retailers in the United States). Every amount helps and makes a difference.


The vision of Sunshine Approach Foundation is to work in conjunction with the Sunshine Nut Company to improve the lives of the poor, vulnerable and orphaned in Africa. We will accomplish this vision by supporting and implementing projects designed to improve and transform lives. We desire to reach the poorest of the poor and lift them out of poverty by providing them with dignity, hope, and a future. We believe that the poor living in impoverished, third-world conditions are not living the lives God intended for them to experience. Our goal is to show God’s love to the poor by being His hands and feet as we banish poverty in the areas in which we have reach and influence.

Mission Statement

As the charitable giving arm of the Sunshine Nut Company, the Sunshine Approach Foundation will distribute the giving of the company’s pledge of 60% distributed profits to improve the lives of the poor, vulnerable and orphaned in Africa. Donations from others are also received and distributed by our foundation. The donations from these two entities enable us to provide living expenses, food, uniforms, medical needs, and daily necessities for orphaned and abandoned children in children’s centers, vulnerable children in the communities, and for children in Sunshine Homes where orphaned children are paired up with widows or vulnerable, abandoned women to care for them. We also implement programs in communities, schools, and children’s centers, as well as for the employees of our factory(medical, educational, agricultural) that we plan, fund, and oversee, often in conjunction with other foundations, businesses, and universities. Our targeted population group covers a wide range of people from orphaned and vulnerable children to young men and women to the elderly.

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