Sunshine House

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It is estimated that 10% of Mozambique’s population are orphans. When we first came to Mozambique, or intent was to help orphans through supporting existing orphanages. However, when we met Cecilia, Madalena, and Antonio, who were 12, 6 and 3 respectively at the time, all of those plans changed.

We were introduced to these three young orphans through a Sunshine Nut Co. employee. When we met them, they shared with us a horrific story of their father’s sudden death and their mother’s suicide, all within one year. The children were left to live with their uncle who had neither the means nor the space to support them. From this encounter, we left with a desire to “do something” – and from that desire came our Sunshine Houses.

Our Sunshine Houses pair widows or abandoned older women with orphans to create a loving and positive home environment. The widows are caretakers of the children and given a monthly allotment for their living expenses as well as what is needed for the medical and educational needs of the children. Many employees of Sunshine Nut Co. remain a large part of the children’s lives relationally, as well as members of the children’s biological family.

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