Sunshine Nut Co.


To catalyze positive changes in the lives of people in need – in education, well being, and standard of living. 

Enlarged Photo – In 2014, we met Cecilia age 12, Madelena age 6, and Antonio age 3. Their mother had recently committed suicide after their father’s tragic death. The children were the ones to find their mother hanging in their home. The new stepfather abandoned them and the landlord then kicked the kids out of their tiny house.  They were out on the streets on their own when we got a call from one of our employees.  We wanted to help transform their lives.  We purchased these three orphans a house – and put it in their name.  We renovated it, and then we filled it with everything to live comfortably – including a caretaker named Zelda who was also in need.  We provide monthly for their living expenses and their education needs.  Bringing orphans and widows together to form family units – that’s transformation the Sunshine Approach way.