Sunshine Nut Co.

We Believe

  • In taking care of those in distress – the widowed, the abandoned, the orphaned, and the poor.
  • That business should maximize profits as a portal to help those less fortunate.
  • Building food factories can be the engine to drive transformation in areas where sustenance farming is barely keeping people alive.
  • Transforming smallholder farmers’ crops into world class food products in-country can bring value addition and profit from sales around the world back into the world’s poorest countries.
  • Orphaned and abandoned children deserve to grow up in a family unit and have housing in a culturally appropriate environment.
  • People should be provided work that is dignified and which allows them to feel important and useful.
  • In the elimination of machinery where people can be employed to do this same work manually in a competitive manner.
  • That ‘doing the right thing’ while conducting business is more important than maximizing profits.
  • In striving to work alongside people in a unified way to allow them to realize their fullest potential.