Sunshine Nut Co.

Business Model

Our approach is focused on creating a value driven business – where dignity, love, and community come together with excellence.

The Sunshine Approach is a comprehensive solution to bring lasting economic transformation to the poorest of our world. Our business model is built on the transformation of smallholder farmers through premium products. The premise is that packaged natural foods can leverage improvement at all levels of the value chain.

The Sunshine Approach™ model is built on Quadruple Bottom Line results – financial, environmental, social, and transformational.

Our financial bottom line focuses on providing fair payment to growers and manufacturing in-country. Through cultivating relationships with growers we can offer them fair wages and provide them with a reliable market for their harvest.  Our in-country production facility allows us to go deeper in our mission to provide economic opportunity by providing employment.

The environmental bottom line is our commitment to being a good steward of the earth. We are mitigating carbon emissions through efficient packaging and transport, operating with a manual focus, and partnering with environmentally engaged suppliers.

Our social bottom line focuses on supporting the materially poor farmers, orphans and vulnerable children. In addition to supporting our farmers by providing fair prices, 30% of our company’s net proceeds will go back into supporting agricultural development. Another 30% of the company’s net proceeds will go toward caring for orphans and vulnerable children through direct donation to establish children’s centers.

The transformational bottom line will be achieved by hiring adult orphans at the factory and equipping them to become tomorrow’s business leaders through education and training. We will also be using our factories as teaching facilities in cooperation with local universities to teach food processing and international food quality requirements. The remaining 30% of the company’s net distributions will go towards new food processing companies to grow the concept – thereby bringing economic relief to different regions involved in different types of farming.

It is our objective to demonstrate a model that will successfully transform poor farming communities in a way that provides fairness, opportunity, and empowerment from within. We strive to bring people together around a vision that truly transforms communities.