Sunshine Nut Co.

Variety Pack


Never run out of Sunshine in your kitchen again with our Variety Packs! Enjoy flavors from salty to spicy. Choose from a Pack of 4 (1 of each flavor) or a Pack of 8 (2 of each flavor).


Sunshine Nut Co. cashews are the greatest tasting cashews under the Sun! Grown, roasted and packaged in Mozambique, our cashews feature unparalleled flavor and freshness. Our cashews are roasted in sunflower oil and lightly seasoned with natural flavoring for excellent taste. Never size sorted, our cashews come to you in the sizes nature intended, just as they’ve grown on the tree. But the real difference is in the taste that will keep you coming back for more!

*Note: Sunshine Nut Cashews are produced in a peanut free facility. Our factory only processes cashews. Sunshine Nut Cashews are gluten free and GMO free.


Pack of 4, Pack of 8

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