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We use 90% of distributed profits to transform lives in Mozambique.



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  • Planting cashew trees for local smallholder cashew farmers to ensure income as well as increasing cashew crop
  • Beacons of Light Programs- day programs for vulnerable community children where it is a safe place to play, learn, and be loved and nourished
  • Miscellaneous projects for those in need- involves medical, educational, dental, and nutritional
  • Providing jobs for tens of thousands of Mozambicans in the cashew industry
  • Creating a market provides an outlet for smallholder farmers to sell their crops, ensuring jobs at local shelling facilities, and our own roasting employees to process the cashews
  • 50 jobs at our roasting factory creates 1,000 jobs at the deshelling factory and the need for full cashew crops from 50,000 farming families
  • Purchasing homes in the local communities; renovating and equipping them to house a Sunshine family
  • Establishing a family by pairing a vulnerable woman with three to four orphaned children
  • Providing expenses for daily life as well as educational and medical needs
  • Instilling values, discipline, and motivation to become independent, contributing members of society
Sunshine Nut Co

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