Sunshine Nut Co.


Our work in the community varies widely both in scope of activities as well as location. We are currently focused on the Matola area where our factory is located so we can impact the community where we live and work. We partner with international and local organizations in order to drive our community impact.

  • In September 2016, we partnered with the Humble Smile Foundation to bring an international team of dental students to work with children in local schools. They provided dental materials to 1,200 children and taught trainings on oral health and preventative care. The classes continue to participate in daily brushing at school to promote oral health.
  • Each month, we also partner with Soapbox Soaps to distribute bars of soap to 650 needy children. Soapbox Soaps provides the funds and we purchase and distribute the soap to local orphanages and community projects. Soapbox Soaps has also partnered with us in the distribution of thousands of bars of soap at medical reaches that we conducted in the Manjacaze district and with the dental program conducted by the Humble Smile Foundation.
  • We work closely with a project in the Matola-Santos community that is run by our employee, Berta. Berta has a huge heart for the vulnerable children in her community and works tirelessly to serve them. We support her work in a number of ways:
    • We support Vovo Berta’s Preschool, providing a preschool education to 80 children. The preschool also provides employment to the teachers, aides and cooks who staff the school.
    • We provide materials and encourage our employees to volunteer at Vovo Berta’s after school skills training program. There are 39 vulnerable school-aged children attending from the community. Here, they learn everything from traditional songs and dances to craft-making (brooms, baskets, jewelry, etc) that are then sold to provide financially for the project. Later in life, knowing how to make these crafts can provide income for their families.
    • We fund and provide business support to Vovo Berta’s new sewing project. She teaches young teenagers how to sew and together, they sew and sell school uniforms. Our objective is to increase opportunities to learn specialized skills for teenagers as well as create an income-generating program that can support Berta’s community work.
    • We started a weekly feeding program for children in the Matola-Santos community. About 200 children come every Saturday for a Bible story and a nutritious lunch…and a lot of love! We also employ two cooks and one guard for this program.
    • We provide monthly financial assistance to currently 7 families of children in the project who are extremely impoverished.