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Philanthropic Work


Board Members of the Sunshine Approach Foundation

Terri Larson

Before moving to Mozambique in 2011, Terri enjoyed a long career as a elementary school teacher in both public and private schools. She received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education from the Pennsylvania State University.

Upon moving to Mozambique, she left her career behind to mother and care for the children in the orphanages and communities of Mozambique.

Terri is Don’s wife and the mother of three children, Cassie, 25, Brent, 22, and William, 18.

Jeffrey H. Harvey

Jeff is a Wealth Management Advisor who has earned the recognition title of Senior Vice President – Wealth Management. His career at Merrill Lynch began in 1993. As the team’s senior partner, Jeff is responsible for leading the strategic direction of the team. Some areas of his focus include: wealth management, business succession planning and corporate retirement plans. 

Jeff has served on a number of boards and investment committees over the years. He also volunteers regularly at Philabundance and the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission. 

In his free time, Jeff enjoys coaching his children’s teams and supporting their activities, leading bible studies, playing paddle tennis, golf and running. He recently completed his second half marathon. A University of Delaware alumnus, Jeff lives in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, with his three children.

Ryan Correia

BS in Accounting and a BA in Management Information Systems from Villanova University, Certified Public Accountant and member of the PICPA. QuickBooks ProAdvisor and QuickBooks Certified Expert.

Following school, he went to work in public accounting for KPMG LLP in the attestation and audit practice; after 6 years he became Audit manager for one of the largest accounts in the Philadelphia office. After KPMG, Ryan served as Plant Controller for a large manufacturing public company and focused on month-end closes, cost accounting and managerial accounting responsibilities.

In his spare time, Ryan began working with small businesses as a part-time Controller. He preferred working with small business owners and went out on his own as a sole proprietor in 2007, where he focused on accounting and tax services for small business clients.

By 2009, Ryan co-founded Foresight Business Solutions, with its mission to implement integrated financial, payroll, taxation and accounting service solutions for small businesses.   Since 2009, Ryan has worked with hundreds of small business owners from various industries and has helped grow Foresight’s team, reputation and overall client base.

Fun Fact: Enjoys quality time with his wife and three boys.  Ryan also enjoys sports, especially basketball.


Elizabeth R. McGrail

Currently mother of six children.  Past work experience includes corporate finance (derivatives and bond sales desks) at GMAC, lending (leveraged buyout department) for National Westminster Bank, preceded by a stint in retailing working for BATUS Retail Group and Stern’s Department Store.  Education: MBA University of Chicago, BA Princeton University.


Formation of Sunshine Approach Foundation

Sunshine Approach Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity organization operating in Mozambique, Africa. Its purpose is to make a difference in the lives of the poor and orphaned by supporting and implementing projects that impact their standard of living. Funds to complete these projects are provided by donors and The Sunshine Nut Company, a cashew production company also located in Mozambique. The Sunshine Nut Company was founded on a focus towards “others” by employing adult orphans and committing 90% of its net proceeds to supporting agricultural development, caring for orphans and vulnerable children, and supporting new food processing companies that share the same vision. Don Larson, CEO and founder of Sunshine Nut Company, and his wife, Terri Larson, formed The Sunshine Approach Foundation. Terri is the Executive Director and President of The Sunshine Approach Foundation. The Larsons have lived in Mozambique since 2011 and directly oversee the foundation’s activities.

The Sunshine Approach Foundation and the Sunshine Nut Company are both dedicated to helping those in need…in a way that lifts them out of poverty to lives transformed with purpose and dignity. Sunshine Nut Company has committed to giving 60% of its profits to The Sunshine Approach Foundation to further its purposes. Our work as a foundation focuses on providing for the basic needs of people- medical care, education, hygiene, food, clean water, clothing, etc. The foundation partners with other well-known and established non-profits that share the same vision. This collaboration creates a stronger platform to achieve shared goals. Additionally, the foundation implements new projects in unmet areas of need. The foundation is also partnering with for-profit companies to accept funds and materials. We invite you to join us in our mission, whether you are an individual or represent a company, by donating funds or purchasing Sunshine Nut Company products (available in South Africa and in major retailers in the United States). Every amount helps and makes a difference.


The vision of Sunshine Approach Foundation is to work in conjunction with the Sunshine Nut Company to improve the lives of the poor, vulnerable and orphaned in Africa. We will accomplish this vision by supporting and implementing projects designed to improve and transform lives. We desire to reach the poorest of the poor and lift them out of poverty by providing them with dignity, hope, and a future. We believe that the poor living in impoverished, third-world conditions are not living the lives God intended for them to experience. Our goal is to show God’s love to the poor by being His hands and feet as we banish poverty in the areas in which we have reach and influence.

Mission Statement

As the charitable giving arm of the Sunshine Nut Company, the Sunshine Approach Foundation will distribute the giving of the company’s pledge of 60% distributed profits to improve the lives of the poor, vulnerable and orphaned in Africa. Donations from others are also received and distributed by our foundation. The donations from these two entities enable us to provide living expenses, food, uniforms, medical needs, and daily necessities for orphaned and abandoned children in children’s centers, vulnerable children in the communities, and for children in Sunshine Homes where orphaned children are paired up with widows or vulnerable, abandoned women to care for them. We also implement programs in communities, schools, and children’s centers, as well as for the employees of our factory(medical, educational, agricultural) that we plan, fund, and oversee, often in conjunction with other foundations, businesses, and universities. Our targeted population group covers a wide range of people from orphaned and vulnerable children to young men and women to the elderly.

Sunshine Houses

It is estimated that 10% of Mozambique’s population are orphans. When we first came to Mozambique, or intent was to help orphans through supporting existing orphanages. However, when we met Cecilia, Madalena, and Antonio, who were 12, 6 and 3 respectively at the time, all of those plans changed.

We were introduced to these three young orphans through a Sunshine Nut Co. employee. When we met them, they shared with us a horrific story of their father’s sudden death and their mother’s suicide, all within one year. The children were left to live with their uncle who had neither the means nor the space to support them. From this encounter, we left with a desire to “do something” – and from that desire came our Sunshine Houses.

Our Sunshine Houses pair widows or abandoned older women with orphans to create a loving and positive home environment. The widows are caretakers of the children and given a monthly allotment for their living expenses as well as what is needed for the medical and educational needs of the children. Many employees of Sunshine Nut Co. remain a large part of the children’s lives relationally, as well as members of the children’s biological family.


We support a number of local children’s orphanages in several ways. First, we provide general financial support. Second, we fund special projects, such as the construction, upkeep and maintenance of playgrounds at two children’s centers. Third, we volunteer our time visiting orphanages often and building lasting relationships with the children and young adults. We prepare and execute special days such as holiday parties, crafts and movies. We also often bring visitors, which is always met with excitement and joy.


Our work in the community varies widely both in scope of activities as well as location. We are currently focused on the Matola area where our factory is located so we can impact the community where we live and work. We partner with international and local organizations in order to drive our community impact.

  • In September 2016, we partnered with the Humble Smile Foundation to bring an international team of dental students to work with children in local schools. They provided dental materials to 1,200 children and taught trainings on oral health and preventative care. The classes continue to participate in daily brushing at school to promote oral health.
  • Each month, we also partner with Soapbox Soaps to distribute bars of soap to 650 needy children. Soapbox Soaps provides the funds and we purchase and distribute the soap to local orphanages and community projects. Soapbox Soaps has also partnered with us in the distribution of thousands of bars of soap at medical reaches that we conducted in the Manjacaze district and with the dental program conducted by the Humble Smile Foundation.
  • Beacons of Light- 
    Each of our Sunshine Houses serve as a Beacon of Light to children in the surrounding community through a children’s project. We began to see more and more children being drawn to our Sunshine Houses. They came seeking a safe and loving place to play. So we turned it into a project. The caretaker of each house identifies the neediest of the needy children that live around her Sunshine House. She then invites them, with their parents’ permissions, to attend a project that she oversees while the orphaned children she cares for are off at school. The children come for several hours each day to engage in play, learning activities, crafts, bible stories, learning cultural songs and dances, and a meal. They also participate in health care such as washing, tooth brushing, and receive medical attention when needed. We provide needs such as clothing, shoes, and uniforms and supplies for school. Many of these children would not be able to attend school without our support.

Guiding Principles


To give those in need of help the belief that something good will happen. We provide HOPE – giving a reason for those we engage with to feel good about life.


To be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of people in need – in education, well being, and standard of living.


To be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of people in need – in education, well being, and standard of living.


To value oneself as a person. Our aim is to strengthen the importance and value that a person feels, thereby they gain respect for themselves and from others.


To love unconditionally. Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.


To value the existing culture of those with whom we interact, keeping it intact while improving their hardships through employment, education, and healthcare.


To excel in all we do, achieving greatness in our product line, our business interactions, and our philanthropic work.


To work together as a group of people from various backgrounds who share a common vision to improve the lives of all those involved.


The Sunshine Approach Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Join us in caring for widows and orphans in Mozambique. Click the link below to give.