Sunshine Nut Co.


 To give those in need of help the belief that something good will happen. We provide HOPE – giving a reason for those we engage with to feel good about life.

Enlarged Photo – Many of our employees were abandoned and orphaned as children. They had nothing….and then they were taken in…and people provided for them giving them hope. Now they are the ones providing hope for others – not just at the cashew factory but also in their volunteering. For instance, we do “Hope” trips where we volunteer our time by driving 6 hours on long weekends to plant trees as “Gestures of Love” among the poor farming communities.
We want the villagers to start increasing the size of their cashew farms for additional income. So we have a goal of planting 50,000 cashew trees as “Gestures of Love”. We have planted 2,000 cashew trees so far among 4 villages. These trees start giving cashews in 3 years and will provide income to these rural families for up to 50 years.