Sunshine Nut Co.


To value yourself as a person.  We aim to strengthen the importance and value that a person has, to make other people respect them or make them respect themselves.

Enlarged Photo – Most of our employees are young men and women who had been orphaned or abandoned in their youth. Being orphaned or abandoned challenges a person’s feeling of self-worth. We aim to strengthen their self-confidence by providing jobs with dignity. Our employees are now running a world class factory. It’s an all African staff – except for our founder. We’re training them all to be leaders in business.
Our small factory employs 50 Mozambicans to roast and package cashews. But that creates the need for over a 1,000 Mozambicans to manually shell those cashews for our roasting company. And also a need for over 50,000 Mozambican farming families to grow those cashews on their small plots of land.