Sunshine Nut Co.


Don Larson

Founder & CEO

Favorite Cashew: That is a very difficult question for me as I developed all the flavors. Each is amazing. The buttery herb flavor satisfies like a meal. The spiced gets my body into high gear. The salted just makes me want to finish the bag and open another one. The plain makes me appreciate just how amazing the taste of a cashew can be if done properly.

Favorite Place in Mozambique: At Sunshine Nut Company. For the first time in my life, my work is not a job, it is life. I have found my purpose. I have found satisfaction. I have found abundance.

I love Sunshine Nut Co. because…I am able to tangibly improve a person’s life. Those changes are happening with orphans in the communities, with workers at the factory, and even with people I talk with around the world. Our business is a catalyst for change on many levels. That is the most rewarding thing. To see our efforts improve a person’s life for the better.

Terri Larson

Director of Social Impact

Favorite Cashew: Sprinkling of Salt

Favorite place in Mozambique: My favorite place to be is out in the orphanages and communities, especially at our weekly community feedings. I love being anywhere there are children.

I love Sunshine Nut Co. because…I get the privilege of being a part of the lives of people in Mozambique. It is very rewarding to provide hope and opportunity to them through the programs we implement, and sometimes through just a hug, balloon, or piece of candy.

Prescila Canotilho

Factory Manager

Favorite Cashew: Sprinkling of Salt

Favorite Place in Mozambique: Inhambane

I love Sunshine Nut Co. because…I see the impact we are having on people’s lives every day. Being a part of this company is rewarding and challenges me to be a better person!

Luis Canotilho

Engineering and Logistics Manager

Favorite Cashew: Sprinkling of Salt

Favorite Place in Mozambique: The Inhambane coastline – secret spot.

I love Sunshine Nut Co. because…I have the privilege of uplifting people with virtually no work experience to become outstanding professionals who could leave Sunshine and get a job anywhere in the world. No matter where our employees go next, I know they will lead dignifying and valuable lives.

Donte Peeks

US National Sales Manager

Favorite Cashew: Sprinkling of Salt

Favorite way to #gowithsunshine: Sunshine Nut Co cashews are perfect for a long hike. They are a balanced, savory snack and good for recovery.

I love Sunshine Nut Co. because…the opportunity to share the mission and economic impact of our business model. It feels good to be a part of something that can transform the well being of those devoting their time to ensure a sustainable supply chain.

Neena Hudzina

Sales and Partnerships Associate

Favorite Cashew: Spark of Spices!

Favorite way to #gowithsunshine: I love to #gowithsunshine when I hike! Nothing like a handful of cashews to replenish your energy and enjoy the view with. 🙂

I love Sunshine Nut Co. because…we are doing something that has never been done before, and were doing it really well.