Sunshine Nut Co.

Story of Cashews

Cashew tree sapling takes 3 years to produce fruit
Tree with flowering and cashew nut attached to forming apple
Fully mature cashew apple with cashew nut attached
Typical smallholder farmer has 5 trees on family plot of land
Family sells cashew harvest at local market where it is weighed and traded for other needed items such as rice tomatoes or onions
Local Market collects in burlap bags
Burlap bags are weighed and sold to shelling factories
Factories store cashews in safe conditions
Raw cashews are sorted by size
Raw cashews are steamed to soften the shell
Raw cashews are taken from steamers and cooled on cement floor
Raw cashews are sheered to remove cashew kernel
Sheering device is both hand and foot activated requiring skill
Cashews kernels just sheered have peel which must be heated in oven
Once heated - peel is removed manually
Lots of people needed to remove the peel on the cashew kernel
Peeled cashew is what we consider a raw cashew in the store
These employees inspect for only premium kernels to pass through
Grading to sort them by size and color
Grading of cashews by size before packaging
Raw cashew kernels packaged for shipment to Sunshine Nut Company
Cashew kernel ready for shipment to roasting factories
This truck delivers the raw cashew kernels to Sunshine Nut Company down the road
Sunshine Nut Company does thorough inspection at multiple points in factory to assure only premium passes through
There are lots of eyes looking for anything not worthy of Sunshine Nut Company quality to be removed
Cashew is transported to Roasting Area
Cashews are roasted to golden perfection
Roasted and seasoned and then packaged manually with love
We fill manually to supply jobs to people instead of machines
Packages are sealed and inspected for perfection
Our employees are proud to make the freshest and tastiest cashews in the world
The cartons are then taped
The cartons are bulk packed in containers
Containers ship internationally
Maputo Port to Baltimore Port - ready to be served
We partner with the most state of the art distribution to keep our costs low
Now you know the complete story shen you see Sunshine Nut Co cashews at your local stores