Sunshine Nut Co.


Humble Brush

We partnered with Humble Brush in 2016 to bring a team of international dental students to host dental trainings at two local public schools. Toothbrushes and toothpaste were donated and students and teachers were trained on sanitary dental practices. Each school has implemented a program in which students brush their teeth as a part of the regular school day. We also devised a strategy to ensure the longevity of the program, appointing a program leader and creating an applicable toothbrush storage system at each school. We plan for this program to continue and have already identified the two public schools that will benefit for 2017.

Soapbox Soaps

We partner with Soapbox Soaps on a monthly basis to give bars of soap to 650 children and their families. The soap is given through our community projects and helps minimize chances of illness and infection from improper washing methods. Soapbox has also supported our work with medical outreaches and dental programs by funding the distribution of thousands of bars of soap.

Global Vision 2020

Global Vision provided eye charts that were used to assess the vision of people during medical outreaches conducted in the Manjacaze district. They also provided eyeglasses that were distributed to those people who were identified as having poor vision.

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University partnered with us in completing standard of living assessments in the Manjacaze district. Our teams interviewed 120 families in 4 villages. We have identified this area of Mozambique as a possible location for a future factory. The assessments will help us identify the impact we would have on this area should a factory be placed there.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University has committed to partnering with us in creating a Community Health Worker Program. The purpose of this program is to identify and train a health worker in distant rural areas where people do not have access to medical care. This effort is being headed by Dr. Heidi Abiad- Sampang, who received her Master’s degree in Global Health from Northwestern. She was joined by a fellow graduate student, Joey Walker, as we formed teams to assess the health needs in rural Mozambique. Our teams interviewed 60 families using a World Health Organization questionnaire that focused on determining their past and current health needs and their access to health care. A medical outreach was conducted in three villages to give the team a first-hand understanding of what common medical needs exist. We are moving forward with this program and have already identified a local community and worker in this community to receive training from Dr. Sampang. We will provide the salary for this worker as well as medical supplies.